Why Your Health Begins With Your Mind

1. Perceptions: The adage, Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve, is, apparent, obvious, and a major consideration/ factor, in our every – day existence, etc. When we think we can, we look at ways to do so, and avoid lulling in self – pity, and stinkin’ – thinkin’. One of the single – biggest, obstacles, to overcoming every – day, obstacles, is perceiving these, as problems, rather than challenges! When we see something, as a problem, it often overwhelms us, and depresses/ limits our possibilities. However, when we see obstacles as challenges, to overcome, we are invigorated, and seek solutions, and ways, to achieve, to the best, of our abilities and possibilities!

2. Attitude: Is your attitude, a positive, can – do, type, or a self – defeating, negative one? When we feel, we will succeed, and be happy and content, the possibilities of doing so, are exponentially enhanced. When we don’t, we are far more likely, to be defeated. When we feel good, about ourselves, we do, what is needed, and necessary, to take care of our health and well – being, and this often, creates a healthier existence, both mentally/ emotionally, as well as physically!

3. Positive thinking, versus stinkin’ thinkin’ : I refer to self – defeating perspectives, as proceeding with stinkin’ thinkin’, which ar the very least, makes us weaker, but often, creates a mindset, of giving up, at the very first, obstacle! When one possesses a true, genuine, positive, can – do, mindset, he pursues the utmost degree of personal excellence, which, often, makes us healthier, in both, mind, and body!

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